Looking to Adopt a Dog or Cat?

Have questions about adoption? Email your questions to

Interested in adopting? Here's what you need to do!

  • Find Your Pet

    Check out our adoptable pets here on our website or on Petfinder. You can also physically come into the shelter and look around.

  • Apply for Adoption

    If someone catches your eye, fill out an application! If you don’t see one that you like, you can submit a generic application and if approved, it is valid for 30 days.

  • Check Your Email

    Once you have applied, keep an eye on the email address that you listed! This is how you will know if you have been approved. We try to take care of applications as quickly as possible, but please allow a few business days. If you have not been up to the shelter, you are welcome to come meet the animal while you wait on your application to be reviewed.

  • Pay Fee

    Once you are approved, you can come to the shelter, pay the adoption fee, fill out the adoption application, and take your new best friend home! Please note: all female animals must be spayed before being adopted, and puppies/kittens must be old enough for their first round of shots and spay.

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Bringing home a furry four-legged friend can bring immense happiness and companionship. Not only do they encourage a more active lifestyle, but their unwavering devotion can also boost your mental well-being. So why not consider adopting a canine?

Thinking about adopting a cat? Great! They make wonderful companions that bring joy, comfort, and even a little bit of laughter into your life. Plus, they’re low-maintenance and can help reduce stress. Why not consider adding a furry friend to your home today?

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Adult Dogs


*Depending on the animal